[PHOTOS] Kurvie Krush Drops Kurvie Onesies, Three Reasons why Every Woman Should buy one

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Girl, I’m scrolling and came across a onesie. Y’awl know I love a onesie.

My favorite plus size lingerie company, Kurvie Krush, just released a couple, on today, and they are so ka-yute.

How ’bout they’re only $19.99?! Yes! For barely $20, yo ass can be sittin’ pretty.

As I was looking, I was thinking of a few reasons why every woman needs a onesie:

  • Convenient: A good one piece is always good to have. The fact you can walk around all day or night is even better. Whether it’s you by ya’self or company, you already cute. No need to worry bout a matching set– Just cop a onesie.
  • Good loungewear: Onesies make for perfect loungewear because you feel sexy and comfortable, at the same time. You ain’t gotta sit around looking crazy, lmao! You can sit around in style.
  • Easy access: Once you unbutton it OR let him rub on yo thighs, it ain’t too much in the way, chile.

The special price of $19.99 won’t be there long. Gon’ visit Kurvie Krush and buy the Sweetie Onesie or the Backwood Onesie, girl. Available in sizes 1x-4x, girl, getchu one or two.

Kurvie Krush Sweetie Onesie
Kurvie Krush Backwood Onesie

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