[PHOTOS] Releasing & Resolving Deep Rooted Issues Helped me to Lose Weight

I’ve always been a heavy gal. I honestly don’t ever remember my thighs not rubbing together, lmao!

I first started my weight gain, in 2003, when my folks divorced. I literally ate and just went to church.

After moving to Memphis, I was extremely depressed and I just ate to feel better. That led to me being fat, FAT, LMAO!

As the years went by, my weight would fluctuate. I never lost confidence, but I also didn’t find what worked for me. I was trying ‘diets’ & not lifestyle changes, which never brought any long lasting results, if any.

Fast forward, towards the end of 2018, I noticed I was losing weight but I wasn’t trying to. I had cut out fast foods and sodas, sprinkled with a little bit of depression, and I was able to fit into pants from a year prior.

Then, this year, I lost more weight but with more intention and focus. After all the other mess, I wanted evolve on a spiritual and physical level. I wanted to become a completely different person. So I tried two thangs and they helped my lifestyle:

Intermittent Fasting--I usually have an 8-hour window to eat. After that, I wait until the next day, at the designated time to eat. I basically skip breakfast. This paired w/calorie counting has really helped me maintain my weight this year.

IF teachese discipline without negating some of my favorite foods. A lot of times, I just drank water and call it a day.

Empath Diet–Not a physical diet but more so spiritual. Tynia Johnson-Anderson has an amazing meditation that has allowed me to release a lot of shit that I’ve been carrying over the years that trigger me into an emotional eater. I literally cry almost every time I listen to the meditation. I mean, this thangs reaches deep, hella deep.

What I learned about weight loss is that it’s the issues I need to release, not the weight itself. I had to recognize, when I was packing my fears and traumas in thousands of calories. I also had to become aware.

Once I paid attention, I realized this is what causes me to binge eat:

  • Loss of security (financial, relationships, love)
  • Loss of stability
  • Lack of flexibility & freedom
  • Loss of close relationships
  • Lack of fulfillment
  • Lack of achievements
  • Rejection
  • Spiritual Ascension
  • Deadlines

Since I now know these thangs, I allow myself room eat more but with a boundary. I’m human and I feel all my shit so to say I won’t binge eat ain’t real. But I can manage how much I eat and control it, since I’m aware.

The first time I listened to the Empath Diet I was able to run, during my workout, the next day. I felt as light as a feather. I’ve gotten faster.

This next weight loss manifestation, I’m aiming for 30 pounds. Honestly as I type this, I’m prolly gon’ drop the number of pounds and request to just feel better and look better, regardless of number.

As a result of my weight loss:

  • More stamina
  • Controlled appetite
  • One to two sizes smaller (depending on cut)
  • Blood pressure is consistently lower
  • Waist much smaller
  • Plane rides are A LOT more comfortable

Either way, as this decade comes to a close, I know I’ve grown to be the woman I’m supposed to be.

I’ve not only loss about 50 pounds, but I have resolved and/or working to resolve a few internal issues also. What a way to end the decade.

I’m healthier spiritually and mentally, which translates to physically.

As I’ve been saying all damn year: Girl, Keep Going.


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