Girl, Keep Going Three-City Book Tour (Gautier, MS)

Gautier, MS

With the digital copy of Girl, Keep Going: Healing is now in Session being a #1 Kindle Amazon Best-Seller, it was only right that I took this message on the road and we spent time talking about our growth.

In a small and intimate setting, please join me as I stop through a few cities to personally give you an autographed copy of my book. We’ll also sit back and chat about life experiences, as well as indulge in some hors d’oeuvres, and a Mimosa or two.

Also joining me is my girl Shaana Montanna of To be Single or Not to be Podcast. This young woman has a great platform and addresses all thangs related to singleness, freedom, peace, and stability.

You have been supportive, since January. So it’s only right we get together and have a chat. Wouldn’t you agree? Books, mimosas, food, and good energy–why wouldn’t you come?

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